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Monday, July 11, 2011

2 years and still going

Today marks my 2 year anniversary to my husband Nathan. I feel safe with him and that's only part of it. I look at pictures from our special day and I can't help but notice we have changed. Already in two years. We have grown into our promises to one another. We depend on each other and our plans for our continued life are just unfolding. Steady jobs and mature routines have really helped, but so has starting over in a city that we only know a handful of people.
Have you ever taken a college course or maybe even been to a seminar or bible study, where you are asked to put down in an order your priorities? Many people put down family, religion, jobs, exercise (okay maybe that's just me), friends, animals, material items. You get the idea. My question to myself was how do I rank these priorities in my life? How do you? And I compare my list to Nate's.

Ponder that.

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