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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break 1

Today was officially my first day of spring break. So how did I spend it you ask? Well I went by myself (yes by myself) to star bucks and got a banana nut bread slice and a tall mocha frappuccino and sat there by myself, yes again by myself, and drank and ate while reading the latest issue of cosmo on my new iPad! What a blast. Yes I was having fun alone. Then because yesterday I had ran outside with my new running and gym friend Sonya busby and got a slight sunburn on my shoulders I went to target to get aloe as it is nearby. I shopped for a bit and then came home to enjoy the beautiful breeze and sunshine blowing through my patio door. I love spring!
To me spring resembles new life but also fresh beginnings. I think I will keep those thoughts as I continue my journey. I guess for me the new beginning was me accepting my life in Wichita and continuing to find that it is good after all. Another journey I hope to continue is my drive to run outdoors for longer distances. I have to admit when I hear the word race I get anxious because those who have ran along with me or around me know I have short legs and I do good just to make 10 minute miles. So, my hope is to rid my fear of running in races and being last. I also know I will probably have to do that alone too and that too is scary at times. It is at those very thoughts my heart aches for my long lost gym friend krista from Lawrence as she always pulled me back to reality and calmed those fears away. Hmm maybe I can con Sonya into one race this spring or summer? Any who....my spring break is off to a good start!